The Scoop on Dotster Web Hosting

website0826152 There are a lot of relative newcomers to the hosting industry. Many of these providers are working hard to provide fast, reliable services, comprehensive plan features and competitive prices, which make them well-worth trying out. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to cut your hosting costs, you may be thinking of trying Dotster web hosting. Best known as a registrar for domain names, Dotster also provides an affordable range of hosting solutions along with a variety of impressive site building tools.

Business Hosting and Solutions

Dotster provides a simplified business hosting plan that is priced significantly lower than those of its competitors. It is important to note, however, that this plan does not come with many of the proverbial bells and whistles that site owners are likely to get with other providers. The business package comes with a VPS server and a domain registration. All Dotster VPS plans include full root access, 24/7 support, adequate speeds and stability. The business plan is best for micro and small businesses that are seeking the speed and functionality of a dedicated server, but at a much more nominal price. Although the business hosting plan that Dotster provides is a bare bones package, there are other services and solutions that companies can add on in order to get a more comprehensive array of features. These include email marketing, local site promotion and SEO marketing. With a separate charge for each, however, the best value is received by subscribers who only need a basic service with limited perks.


Dotster web hosting services are managed by a certified network of engineers. Dotster data centers feature a dual independent power grid, HVAC, fully redundant power and fire threat suppression and detection. The data center also has camera and video monitoring and around-the-clock, locked access. Dotster has reliable storage, regular data back-up and full network redundancy. The Dotster infrastructure additionally includes the best-in-class server, firewall equipment and router.

Right for You?

Dotster may be right for you if you have very basic hosting service needs and a tightly controlled budget. These services lack the transfer support and other high-end features that are commonly offered by other providers in its class. For a relatively small sum of money, you’ll get what you need and the company promises to provide 99.9% uptime and optimal customer support. For those who lack technical skills sufficient for building their own websites, there are also a number of comprehensive tools that can be accessed for additional fees. These include the Drag and Drop Builder, SimpleScripts Apps and the Instant Website Builder.


For those needing a more comprehensive array of services and a greater level of support for site transfers and other start-up issues, however, Dotster may not provide the best overall value. The additional costs of adding individual features in to create a more comprehensive service plan could drive a subscriber’s overall hosting costs up significantly. Moreover, customers do have some complaints about response times to service inquiries and have stated that many aspects of the support system are automated and generate standard, pre-written replies that do not always solve problems.

The Bottom Line

Dotster is a great hosting service for tech-savvy professionals who want to save cash and need a modest and simple hosting solution for their businesses. For those who are building their sites from the ground up for the first time and have limited experience with hosting services and plans, this company may not be ideal. It could be more costly to add on to a basic Dotster plan than to simply purchase a more comprehensive plan from a larger provider.

Additional Information

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